Alamo Object Viewer

The Alamo Object (ALO) Viewer lets you view models and animations for Petroglyph's games.


To run, just unzip the archive to a location of your choice and start AloViewer.exe.

If you have trouble running the program, in particular when getting a "Missing d3dx9_??.dll" error, please download and install the latest DirectX runtime.


Yet to come...

v1.2: The viewer now properly loads MegaFiles in selected Mods. (2008/10/05)
v1.1: Fixed a bug with particle system orientation and timing for EaW/FoC. (2008/06/15)
v1.0: Added Universe of War support, Mod support, particles, sounds, more selection options, better rendering, shadow mesh debugging and a german version. (2008/06/09)
v0.7: Added Forces of Corruption path support, nature settings, shadows, improved render order, billboarding, bone coordinate systems and a ground plane. (2006/11/22)
v0.6: (At special request) Added drag & drop support and added the "hidden" and "collision" fields to the models dialog. (2006/10/12)
v0.5: Added support for the Forces of Corruption demo's animations. (2006/10/06)
v0.4: Added the wireframe option and fixed some bugs (thanks to swgbex's beta testing). (2006/08/16)
v0.3: Added support for animations, colorization and bones. Also added a detailed model dialog box. (2006/05/14)
v0.2: Made it search the registry and use shell functions in order to find the Empire at War directory. (2006/03/15)
v0.1: Initial release (2006/03/12)