Animation Converter

The Animation Converter lets you convert animations between Empire at War's and Forces of Corruption's formats.


To run, just unzip the archive to a location of your choice and start ala2ala.exe.


Use the "Add Files" and "Remove files" button to create a list of files you want to convert. Then select a destination directory where the resulting files are to be written.

Important: The converter will NOT overwrite existing files. Make sure no files with the same name are present in the destination directory.

Then press the convert button corresponding with your desired conversion:

  • Convert to EaW: Converts every file to EaW's format.
  • Convert to opposite: Converts every file to the opposite of its format.
  • Convert to FoC: Converts every file to FoC's format.
v1.2:Fixed the bug where it wouldn't load files.(2008/07/12)
v1.1:Added german language version.(2008/06/04)
v1.0:Initial release.(2006/10/08)