Lua Tools (Advanced)

These tools allow you to convert Lua object files or disassemble them. Note that these tools are NOT for regular modders. Non-compiled Lua files can be edited with any text editor, and there is no way (yet) to convert the compiled Lua files into non-compiled Lua files.


To run, just unzip the archive to a location of your choice and run either file from the command prompt.

The Lua Converter

Syntax: luacvt <src-file> <dest-file>

This program will read a Lua or Lup file and convert it to a Lup or Lua file. The format of the source file is automatically detected and the appropriate destination format selected. EaW/FoC Luas will be converted to Lua 5.0 files and vica versa. UaW Luas will be converted to Lua 5.1 files and vica versa.

The Lua Disassembler

Syntax: luadisasm <src-file>

This program will read a Lua 5.0 or 5.1 object file and disassemble it to stdout.

v1.2:Fixed a bug in the disassembler where it wouldn't load certain files(2008/08/08)
v1.1:Updated converter and disassembler for Lua 5.1 and Universe at War(2008/06/13)
Manually decompiled Lua files withdrawn(2006/05/22)
v1.0:Initial release(2006/05/05)