Map Preview Extractor

The Map Preview Extractor lets you extract the 256x256 Map Preview Image stored in maps made by Petroglyph's Forces of Corruption Map Editor and save it as a TGA file.


To run, just unzip the archive to a location of your choice and start MapPreviewExtractor.exe.


Use the "Browse" button to select a Map file where you want to extract the preview from. You can also drag a map file onto the application window or executable. Then hit "Extract Preview" and select a location to save the TGA file to.

Important: After extracting, the preview image is REMOVED from the original map file.

Base Layouts

This tool will make it possible to create fully functional Base Layouts in Galactic Conquest maps in Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. By removing the preview image from the map, the markers are enabled on the Base Layout screen in the game.

Note that the extracted preview image can be used as background for the Base Layout: resize the extracted image to 512x512 and save it in the Textures directory as a DX3 DDS file, with the same filename as the map.

v1.0:Initial release.(2008/07/12)