Mega File Editor

The Mega File Editor lets you open and create Mega Files and insert, extract and delete files from them.

The editor supports Empire at War (and Forces of Corruption), Universe at War, Guardians of Graxia, Rise of Immortals and Grey Goo.


To run, just unzip the archive to a location of your choice and start MegEditor.exe.

Alternatively, you can drag a mega file onto the executable to open it.


The editor requires the following software to be installed:

v1.4:Add support for The Great War: Western Front's encrypted files(2023/04/05)
v1.3.1:Some bug fixes(2016/05/01)
v1.3:Add support for 8-bit Armies' encrypted files(2016/04/26)
v1.2:Add support for Grey Goo's encrypted files(2015/07/29)
v1.1:Some bug fixes(2014/06/13)
v1.0:Initial release(2011/07/21)